Members of the Collective Council Pt. 3 – Randor/Gecko the Great & King Salizon –

Over six feet tall, a long black cloak and a crome plated face sheild, King Salizon, from the Swamp of Gret Loss and a member of the Dark Guards, is the most demanding of any of the Collective Council . An associate of the ill will members, Salizon is very persuasive and often can convince Tram and Hanger to his side to get his way. Though he does not untter a single word, others know what he is saying thanks to the light, but loud breaths that he takes instead. His personality is very smooth and calculated. Often known to slam his fist to the table when not granted his wish, King Salizon will eventually and peacefully respect the others wishes.

Randor not only the leader of the Tree Talkers, he is also the head of the Collective Council. Often the tie breaker in many votes Randor is a firm fixture on the Collective Council. To learn more check out Randor’s blog posted earlier.

Gecko the Great is the eldest of the all the members of the Collective Council. One who has gained much wisdom, he is often sought for his suggestions. Though he is for all things good, he has, on rare occassion sided with King Salizon. To read more about Gecko the Great check out Gecko the Great’s blog posted earlier.

Members of the Collective Council Pt. 2 – Hanger & Tram –

Hanger is a Sundrie (or hermit like trolls) who represents the region known as the Desert Location. At five feet tall this brown skined troll looks as though he is always in a sour mood but is more pleasant that than looks tell.

Though he tends to side with the good will members of the Collective Council, Hanger can and does withut warning, side with the ill will members which defines him as a more neutral member of the Collective Council.

Tram is a Mort (just like Nelty) and represents the Canyon Region of Mavenwood. Just over three feet tall this dog lizard is the least intimidating of any on the Collective Council.

Although he is gentle and fair natured, sitting next to King Salizon, he is has been known to side with the ill will members out of intimidation.

These two members of the Collective Council have MS&L’s biggest support with the exception of Randor and Gecko the Great!

Members of the Collective Council Pt.1 – Mayton & Pulley

Mayton is an Artog (much like Lord Zytor) from the Artic Region which he represents on the Collective Council. A very peacefull and understanding character, Mayton acan always be found standing up for what is best and just.  Not always the most outspoken of the SEVEN council members, it is never any wonder what side he stands on.

Pulley is a Chiller (much like Quaker) and comes from the Artic Regions, semi independant state known as The Cold Climate Region to which he represents with pride. He is a perfect pair with Mayton. As Mayton is understanding, Pulley is very compassionate.

The two together are often the driving force for the morals of all things good whenever an issue is brought before The Collective Council.

Captain Crig

At Six feet tall, Captain Crig is a very intimidating site. Half human-like and half black deer with white antlers pointing to the sky, the captain is feared by many as the most ruthless of all in the Mirrormite Army.

A black leather coat with black shoulder pads on each shoulder, a slightly torn red and black checkered kilt covering black leather pants and a long silver sword to his side only enhances Captain Crigs fear factor.

As leader of the worldly feared Mirrormite Army, Captain Crig takes an offer he (and his soldiers) can not refuse from a stranger. This offer leads Crig and the Mirrormite Army on a quest across Mavenwood just as MS&L are on the same.

Feared by many, Captain Crig becomes a character that shows just how feared he can be!


Nazereath is a Terrance Hound who wonders the lands of Castlevania alone. Resembeling a four foot tall huskee with dark strips across his side, Nazereath was once leader of the furoish Terrance Hounds who call the land of Castlevania their home.

Due to Nazereath’s compashion for others he was banned from ever rejoining his pack. Though somewhat intimidating to the first look, MS&L grow quite close to him. Nazereath is one character who goes the extra mile to assure that MS&L are safe while traveling through Castlevania.

Secretly Nazereath dreams of one day becoming one of the NIghts of Zeste’ Dore’ and guard the Collective Counil.

A former member of the forces of evil, Nazereath spend the span of the MS&L Series trying to EARN a place on the side of the good!

The Airwalkers

The Airwalkers (or grouply cald ‘The Clan of the Clouds’) are the origianl race that began on Mavenwood during its formation. They are some what human in form however have pale blue skin, pointed ears and lng bright white hair.

They are the creators of The Doomsday Device.

They left Mavenwood centuries  past due to their inability to maintain peace in Mavenwood, electing not to use the Doomsday Device to end life but left in hopes of peace finding its own way make to the magical world they helped create.

The Heatseeker is believed (by The Collective Council) to be a lone Airwalker forgotten by his people. This has never been proven due to the Heatseekers isolationistic ways in being unable to be located in modern times.

A most peaceful yet discipline civilization, The Airwalkers (Clad of the Clouds) left their everlasting mark on Mavenwoods history books.

Gecko The Great

Gecko the Great is the oldest creature in Mavenwood. He is the last member of the ‘Waffer’ civilization who has died off due to their inability to evolve any further. The surviving Waffer (Magic Rabbit) stands five feet tall, has a soft from fur and wheres a long robe made with every color of the rainbow. He wears a pointed red hat with a yellow tassel hanging down.

Being the eldest, he makes much use of his brass wire rimmed glasses for reading from the many volumes of books he has attained in his lifetime.

He has two long whiskers protruding from his pink button nose and two pointed ears that poke through his red pointed hat.

Gecko the Great is the oldest member Mavenwoods governing body, The Collective Council. Though he has long not been it’s leader his wisdom is sought about all who sit on the council.

It is his knowledge of the past that greatly help M,S&L fight for Mavenwood’s future.


Klin is Marky’s younger brother. Although he admires his older brother, he is much too shy to grow up like him. Where Marky is very bold and fore front, Klin is very happy to simply follow along. Although he is a young Beagle, he is very mature when it comes to respect to others.

Klin is also the best friend of Scray, Levy’s younger brother and of Slash’s younger brother,Flick. The three form a bond that mirrors their older siblings with a slight bit more playfulness however.

In Marky’s absence Klin is easily depended upon for daily tasks, though he is younger he is none the less dependable!