Artimus T. Cook

Artimus T. Cook is a Cracker (a very small, lime green furred squarrel with red polkadots on his belly). He and his Cracker civilization live in the heart of The Woods of Hationstare. “Arti” as MS&L come to call him, lives in the woods nearest to the legendary water fall known as The Falls of Euphoria.
Artimus is helpful beyond a shadow of a doubt and proves it by leading MS&L throught the Woods of Hationstare and to the Boundary River and the dangerous Cretan Bridge.
Artimus demands nothing in place for his aid, proving that the Carckers are a selfishless civilization.
Artimus is not quite one of MS&L most called upon allies but certainly ranks near the top (if not the top) of their list of most trusted.

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