The Story of Marky, Slash & Levy…from the beginning… Part 8

Posted: March 16, 2010 in Uncategorized
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 Begining Book 3 was a celebration of sorts for me. Making the series a four book event meant I was over the hump in writing. Where there was a gap between Book One and Book Two. I jumped right into ‘Doomsday’ where ‘Return’ left off.

Being a new father for the second time though was beginning to wear down on me and at page 25 of “Doomsday’ I stopped writing for what was to be only a few weeks rest which turned into a near 9 month hiatus (so to speak). I was worn out, trying to sleep whenever I could and stay awake to get through work which at some times was not possible. I sideswiped a truck one morning when I was going to work (my old job that I did not care for very much at all) but was lucky it only damaged his side mirror but knocked out my window and tore off my mirror. It was this sleepiness, that all but turned my brain off (creativly speaking). If I had to write it would have been forced and that is not the way I like to write. I won’t write if I have to force anything, it’s not true then.

One night in the beginning of the 2008 winter, I went to a coffee shop in a small Indiana town and met author J. Travis Grundon (author- Anthology of the Living Dead) it was nice to meet another 30 something author working towards his own success. After a long conversation we had decided to drive to our mutual friends house. Illustrator Jason Craig (comics- Grimm Fairy Tales, Se7en and Freddy Vs. Jason Vs. Ash I & II) had slowly been making a reputation for himself after years of hard work and was always good for unbias, straight up advice.

After three and a half hours of talking and the two of them staging a “Creative Intervention”, I left thinking about all I had worked for. It was also late that night that I sat down for the first time in 9 months and resumed production on ‘Doomsday’. I had a few months left before our third son, Rylen would be born and I started on a quest to wrap ‘Doomsday’ before his brthday.

Though I was creating several new characters in ‘Doomsday’ I easily remained  on track and wrote every night, non stop. The day Rylen was born, I was on page 203. Although I did not reach my personal goal by his birthday, it was only two weeks later that the 221 page ‘Marky, Slash & Levy Vs. The Doomsday Device’ was finished.

Even though I had a writing hiatus, I had continued to tour and sgin copies all over the midwest. Having a third son now, I had to stop again, but this time giving myself a time line of one year to help raise my sons. I decided to stop touring for “Adventures” & ‘Return’ and step away for a spell.

What I had done with ‘Doomsday’ I credit the friendly adivce of two wonderful artists, who I can say will have their time in the sun. As for me it was a break away from MS&L and an opportunity to finish a short story I had had half written for five years….

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