The Story of Marky, Slash & Levy…from the beginning… Part 5

The Return of Marky, Slash & Levy was so much fun to write. I began drawing pictures of my characters and hanging them around my computer to give me a visual effect as I wrote. Now when I say I ‘Drew’  pictures, I really mean I scribbled like a tiddler, LOL. I have never been an illustrator, thank goodness for friend who are…

During the writing of ‘Return’ I met a regional author who I talked with for some time at the local library where she was holding a signing. I asked how she became published she gave me information about a modereatly new publisher called Publish America. Being ‘new’ to the writing scene, I was very interested in sending a letter to this publishing house . I will leave it at that.

I sent another letter hoping that just maybe this publisher would at least look at my series before rejecting it. It was only a couple of weeks that I recieved a reply in the mail saying what I had hoped to hear all along…that a publisher found my work interesting and that my work was going to be in print.  Being ‘new’ to everything I quickly signed on with Publish America and continued on with ‘Return’.

I remember being so excited to think that my series was actually going to be published and available for others. The eight weeks it took before I saw what my cover would look like were so very long. Then the day came, I saw my cover design and was overcome with excitement. Marky, Slash & Levy had come to life, even though Slash did not look much like the Lynx I had pictured. It would be a few more weeks before I heard anything else. Then one day a package came in the mail for me and inside was a published copy of The Adventures of Marky, Slash & Levy. It looked so awesome and to think it was mine!

To make things even better, I was moving right along on ‘Return” and looking forward to having it published. I began doing television interviews and interviewing with news papers across Illinois and Indiana. I embarked on the learning experience I call the ‘signing trail’.

What would follow is a learning experience on the road to the moderate success of the M,S&L Series…

2 thoughts on “The Story of Marky, Slash & Levy…from the beginning… Part 5

  1. I have just completed my first book and it has been accepted by Publish America. I am seeing a lot of negative articles about them and would like to hear your experience dealing with this publisher before I sign their contract.

    Thank you.

    • Congratulations on your accomplishment! It is such a good feeling to reach a goal ike this, isnt it? I wish you nthin but succes!

      As for PA, if your book is FULLY EDITED and you are pleased with it enough to have it printed as is, you will be off to a better start than I was five years ago. PA will not do very much editing of your work. In my case my material had the good story but came with poor editing, not because I did not try to make it the best I could, but, because PA will simply print the book as is and that is how it will be sold.

      You must also be willing to take every free moment you will have to push your work yourself. Though it will be availible by B&N, Amazon, and Borders everywhere. Only the most local store will carry a couple copies. The rest have gotten very strict on ordering any PA material. Many signings I have done, I have had to buy the books first and bring them with me. A handful of signings I have driven several hours to get to and found out that PA did not get the books to the store, in these cases I had to just turn around and return home.

      PA authors are also not allowed into groups such as the Authors Guild.

      They will email you with several offers to promote your book, unlike traditional publishers, who foot the bill 100%, you will have to pay for the service before PA will do anything for your work. In the past two years while writing my third and fourth books I have done no signings and bought no services, and my book has not sold one single copy through them, enough said.

      I will say that the work is published on quality paper and does look good. Although you will have little imput on your cover design. You are also entered into a 7 year contract that you can only get out of if you pay them $300+ dollars per book to terminate.

      Though you will have a great looking book, my lack of having an editor has hurt me in the long run, to which I am only now climbing out of. BUt if you want to be published and nothing more, then they will give you a good looking book and it will be published but that is about the extent of it. Thanks You so much for reading and writing, I appreciate it. SIncerely, L.B.

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