The Story of Marky, Slash & Levy…from the beginning… Part 3

As I began writing Book One, I would spend my time between Lynden waking up, writing instead of trying to fall asleep. Some nights I was lucky to write a single page, while some other nights I could easily write four or five pages. There was something about being up in the middle of the night all alone and thinking of nothing but Mavenwood and the wonder at how through the day, a character like Nelty did not exist and by the time I went to bed (usually 2 a.m.) I would have the name, personality and storyline completely written down in my character notebook! It became so much fun creating new and exciting characters from nothing and give them a soul and a life. I enjoyed it so much that after a few months, Lynden began falling asleep around midnight and I would continue to stay up, simply to write . Sometimes you have to just sit down until every last drop of ideas comes out, if you don’t it may be lost forever.

I wrote every day, only stopping every other week or so for a night just to break my train of thought and relax for another go at the story. It became a routine, work, go home, do whatever was to be done that evening and then as my family turned in for the night I would sit down and shoot for one page, though some nights, being so tired, I would fall asleep on the keyboard and end up with half a page of story and half a page of  “qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnm”.

It took just over a year to pen “Adventures”. I remember the last week I was writing, there is such a rush as a writer to be nearing the end of a long period of creative flow. I was finally on the last page and was giving it my all up until the final period. Before pushing that button, I stared at the page count which was over 218 pages. I could not believe it was all done but the period. Then, I pushed the button and all the years of thinking and dreaming had paid off and I finally was able to answer my own question, “Can I really write a book? Yes, Yes I Can!”

I would soon find out that that year of writing was the easy part…