The Story of Marky, Slash & Levy…from the beginning… Part 1

While a senior in high school in 1997 I was heavily into writing song lyrics, poems and partial movie scripts, (I know, study hall is for studying right?) It was during this time that I thought about writing a story, at the time I was not sure about what or who, it was just the obvious next step from lyrics and such.
I had to very good friends in high school and thought about writing a short story about the three of us and some of the crazy things that we had done or seen growing up. Instead of using our names in real life I choose to give the characters our nicknames.
My friend “Mark” is actually “Mark II” and to keep him seperate from his Dad who was named Mark, his mother always called him “Marky”. It was then the character for “Marky” was primarily born.
My other friend, Brian, started high school being called “Nick” since Nicholis was his middle name. Our Junior year he started asking classmates to call him by his first name. Then, came Senior year were he went back to the middle name again. Some classmates quickly began calling him Brian “Slash” Nick. Almost overnight it seemed he had gone from Brian by some and Nick by others to simply “Slash” by ALL! It was this moment that the journey to the character of Slash had begun!
Levy’s character began in the earliest, in 1993. My very first day in what would become, not a study hall but rather a melting pot for lyrics, stories and poems the teacher who had the honors that period began calling names for roll call. When he came to my name he paused, LOL, perhaps because he could not pronounce the name LEVI. Instead he called out “Levy, is it? Levy Fox”. Literally, an instant school wide moment, the nickname “Levy” was given to me and has stuck ever since.
With the names cemented, I decided I wanted to give the characters more animation than just three plain boys growing up, I wanted to make them more personable also. My friend Mark has always had a love for dogs, especially Beagle Hounds, believe me he has had several. It was at that moment (on a rainy day I believe) Marky became a Beagle Hound.
My friend Brian didn’t necessarily like cats but ways always avoiding an accident or injury by the mere skin of his teeth. One of the first nice spring days in 1997 (during a luch break from school) he drove over a railroad crossing far to fast and almost made our day very very bad. Again, escaping accident, he laughed and said “What can I say, I have nine lives” that stuck with me and I knew the only character for Slash was a cat, and my interest in the Lynx family of felines sealed the deal. Slash the Lynx was born!
With Marky and Slash both being animals, it was clear that Levy would also change and with my last name being “Fox”, it was the “perfect” fit to the relation the characters had to their names. By Graduation of 1997 Levy had gone from a young boy with glasses to a young and cunning Red Fox!
It was clear then that although my school years had drawn to a close, it had given birth to a love of writing, a door that was just opening….

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