Artimus T. Cook

Artimus T. Cook is a Cracker (a very small, lime green furred squarrel with red polkadots on his belly). He and his Cracker civilization live in the heart of The Woods of Hationstare. “Arti” as MS&L come to call him, lives in the woods nearest to the legendary water fall known as The Falls of Euphoria.
Artimus is helpful beyond a shadow of a doubt and proves it by leading MS&L throught the Woods of Hationstare and to the Boundary River and the dangerous Cretan Bridge.
Artimus demands nothing in place for his aid, proving that the Carckers are a selfishless civilization.
Artimus is not quite one of MS&L most called upon allies but certainly ranks near the top (if not the top) of their list of most trusted.


Kelso is a Powder Troll who comes to MS&L from his homeland in The Land of Nothing. Though Kelso arrives in a shrowd of mystery he becomes one of MS&L’s closest allies.
Small and timid, Kelso is alway willing to aid MS&L even when his own fear is present.

Kelso proves his true strength and allegance when he and Slash make a journey across Mavenwood it a time when few thought they could make it.
Kind and considerate, Kelso is never one to force his thoughts but rather one to work together for the greater good…


Reamy (a cave bat) is guardian of Creek Cave (the gateway from MS&L’s world to Mavenwood). Reamy is also one of the four Knights of Zeste’ Dore’ who guard the Collective Council while their forumns take place inside the Great Hall.
Reamy though small, is very smart and is a most valuable aid to MS&L throughout the series.
He proves his true bravery on the Island of Nema in a heoric escape from the pixie’s known as The Thatchers.
Being with MS&L for almost every journey, Reamy is one of MS&L’s closest allies…

Lord Zytor

Zytor is an Artog from the cold city of Artonia deep in the Artic Mountains. Bannished from his homeland for practicing dark magic, Zytor flees across Mavenwood and into the land of Castlevania where he makes home, the deserted Castle of Winge. It is from here that Zytor commands the Dark Plague of Tormor. Determined to control Mavenwood and enslave those who bannished him Zytor uses the Dark Plague of Tormor to crush any who are opposed to his rule.

Lord Zytor becomes MS&L’s sworn advisary.


Randor is the leader of the ‘Tree Talkers’ a living tree civiilization in the Woods of Syrus. He is the smartest of all Tree Talkers and is the sole owner of the Book of Knowledge which contains insights from the past, present and future of Mavenwood.

Randor is also a member of Mavenwoods collaberative government- The Collective Council-
A soft spoken but stern character, Randor is one of MS&L most powerful allies.


Nelty, a Mort (doglizard) from the Canyon Region befriends MS&L and plays an entricit role in the series. Known to always talk about himself in a third person tense, Nelty always has a comment about anything. Like Slash, Nelty is slightly skittish but is always there for his new friends when called upon.

Though he is from the Canyon Region, Nelty lives in the Land of the Rock Gods for reasons he keeps secret until Book Three, Marky, Slash & Levy Vs. the Doomsday Device.

From guiding MS&L into the ruins of the Lost City of Tormor to aiding Levy in a most dangerous journey in the dreaded Mirrormare Caverns, Nelty proves that size does not always matter!


Levy,  a Red Fox, is the thinker of the group, always trying to decide the best route to take on in any situation.
Always there for his friends, Levy’s dedication to Marky and Slash comes a a blessing many times in the MS&L series.
Crafty and very cunning, Levy can react to any situation quickly and adjust to sudden surprises.
When things look bleek, Levy can always be counted upon to pull his friends through.


A Black Lynx, Slash is easily the fasted and most agile of the three friends. Sometimes clumsy, Slash is all heart and can always be counted on, even if things make him nervous.

Slash will go out of his way to help his friends which becomes a major assest in the MS&L Series!
It is for Slash’s speed that he is chosen for a mission that will push him to his limits…