Marky, Slash & Levy…Book 4

Well, it has been four months and nothing written…I have been awfully tired trying to help raise three children all of whom are under age 7. I miss staring at the screen and creating something from just a brief thought and adding it into a character or enviorment. Iwrote books One & Two in two years, writing almost every night. That was three boys ago, LOL. With Books One & Two previously published and the manuscript for Book 3 laying in my desk drawer, I have beeb thinking bout number 4 for a while now. “Should I start it? Should I try to crank something out? Or should I get through these sleepy months and wait them out?”Bookl Four would bring the series close to 900 pages and would be a great goal reached. Trying to just focus is a chore, thank goodness for a new laptop, to go places and sit down and write a bit would be great! Right now balancing work, school, three boys, Cub Scouts and in a few months Baseball again is alot right now. Who knows maybe Book 4 is closer to begining than I think!?