Year Seven

It is hard to believe that almost seven years ago I started work on Marky, Slash & Levy. I have learned alot about the book industry in those years. I have learned how difficult it is to find an agent, and how some never even reply to you. As these years have gone by I have not come any closer to acheiving my goals than when I started. I picked a publisher who did nothing to the book but print it, meaning it is an editorial workout. I have no money and that is the handicap that ties your arms up. When you cant pay for things to be made, they wont, when you cant pay people for services, you play the waiting game for when they decided to do it, and your options as far as getting out and doing things are slim at best.

Lately in my mind I have become obsessed with making something out of my series, nothing huge, just somthing I can do to support my family. What it has done is turn me into a miserable person. The constent fight against agents who don’t even send a formal letter to you, passing up events because your broke and cant do it. When you can’t afford to do much little if any buzz is generated about your work. Thats buzzkill!

I think, “If only I had a literary agent, or someone to help edit, or someone to draw up all my illustrations.” I have a wonderful series, just no way to get it started. Things would be different if I was making some sort of progress, even if it was slow, progress is progress. The last three years have been all but dead. As for the brochure, it may not even come to be as none of the drawings are started and I hoped to take it to the printers the end of Feburary.

Its eating me up inside and it is not fair to my family. This is simply me venting out some things.

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