Ever wonder??

As I sit here, I cant help but think about the saying, “Nothing worth having comes easy.” In the case of Marky, Slash & Levy that could not be more true. A few months ago I decided to make a brochure to submit to literary agents so that these agents could see the characters I have created and read about the magical world they are invovled in. For this brochure I have 20 some of what I call “chicken scratch” drawings of my characters that I am supposed to be having drawn into more ‘professional’ illustrations. I have planned to print and mail these brochures out the first of March, I am wondering if that will even be possible? I have to pictures in the hands of two wonderful artists, however, one took free copies of my series three weeks ago and I have not heard back from him since. The other person has had their drawings for 2 1/2 months and the last time I asked, they had not even started on them.

I feel like I am going insaine, what I need is not getting done, my time frame is up in the air and I have no idea what to do about it. The most uncomfortable thing about these setbacks is because I can see things so clearly in my mind. I am not sure what to do, I’ll have the money, but might not have the product.

The hardest thing about being a writer for me is the not getting my material out there.

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