Marky, Slash & Levy : Born 1997

It is so hard to believe that it has been 12 years since I first thought of writing a story based on myself and my two closest friends. At the time it was merely thoughts of “what would I write about?” “How would it go?” Little did I know that it would become the small little success it has. I remember setting in study hall one day, just thinking about how great it would be if only I could write a simple short story about the three of us.

Today I was reminded of just what made me start thinking those things again. Today my family and I joined my old friend from high school, Nick, for his daughter’s 10th birthday. Being in the military, we had hardly spoken in over five years, as he and his family moved alot and so on. At first I wasn’t sure if we would have anything to talk about. It did not take but a second before we were talking like old days and enjoying the cake and ice cream.

I visited again that evening at his folks home, and of all things work on his new family van. I can speak only for myself when I say that it felt like nothing had changed, though so much had. In a retrospect it was like the series coming full circle. Just as Marky, Slash and Levy’s friendship endured so much they never completely lose sight of what friendship is really worth.

As for me I was reminded why we became friends so many years ago. I look forward to many more!

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