Do you ever just feel it?

I spent most of the day in a bad mood. Actually worn out from the holidays. I spent most of the morning thinking about M,S&L. I can see the whole series in my mind, clear as day. I can picture the world of Mavenwood and all the characters in it. I am working towards a color brochure this spring to send off to selected people in the industry in hopes of finding an agent.

The drawings for this however are proving to be a undertaking themselves. I have a friend who is a wonderfull illustrator and has had several rough sketches for a month or so but has not started on anything yet. I have made a new friend who is a schooled illustrator and has offered to help, I am waiting on him to get in touch with me again though. I have a third, yes a third friend who is a successful artist, who I would be so honored for him to do some works for me but am hesitant to ask. It’s now New Years and spring will be her before I know it, I am worried that the time will come for things to be set into motion and I will not have enough to make anything worth an agents time. Am I being selfish??? I sure hope not!!

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