Little things

As I sit here and eat a powdered donut I am thinking of how the last few days have been great. Today was no exception. See, my father added on to his house, which made it twice as large, and I went up and helped him move lots of the stuff back into the house. It was pretty cold outside but I enjoyed the time spent helping out my dad. It was strange to see how much the house had changed in the 12 years since I moved out. I stood in my old bedroom which looked slightly different and thought about the day I first contemplated writing Marky, Slash & Levy. I had absolutly no idea what the story was going to be about or anything but I knew it had to include two of my very best friends. It is rather funny, I look back on that and having no idea at the time that 12 years from then (yes it took several years after that to begin on M,S&L) I would have three of the four book series written with a page count of 700 pages, and a slew of short stories (that I call prequels) for children.

It was a great day helping my father, all the while being taken to the past to think about what started it all!!!

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