my office

A writer always dreams about one day having what they call and office, well, I’m one of them. In our small little house, Jennifer and I must not only share the same space, but the same computer as well. She is going to school online and requires the computer alot through the day for her studies. Our computer has both her things and mine saved on them which loads the computer down. I am hoping that come this spring, we will be able to afford a laptop so Jennifer can study more comfortably than at the desk. She enjoys studying on the couch.

One day though I know we will have to move as our three boys grow and with a two bedroom house for five people gets too tight. I share a space with Jennifer in the dinning room, next to the table, along the wall, we have our desk, which is cover with everything thinkable. It is sort of a “catch all” for the day. Not much of the look of a writer, I am laughing as I say this.

I try to surround myself with images and material about my writing, but with a family to bombard the walls with inspiration is not an option. I dream about one day, in my new home I have built, walking upstairs and down the hallway to my ‘office’. A spacious but cozy room with my own computer, desk, chair, phone, etc. On my desk is pages of material I am working on, the shelf overhead has my books and my friends books on them. On the walls around my computer I hang pictures of my book covers, some of the wonderful people I have met, and a handfull of my commentary columns I have done for the local paper. I think I am most creative when I surround myself with the things I have worked hard to create.

The remainder of wall space holds memorabilia from the New England Patriots football team to which I am a huge fan and have been since 1988 when they were the WORST team in the NFL. I have so much right now that is boxed up and sitting in the top of the garage. Sharing space is Bill Elliot memorabilia, I used to be a race fan when he was in NASCAR, but not so much anymore. I also used to be a huge wrestling fan and have things about wrestle Bret ‘Hitman’ Hart that keeps the walls occupied.

Of all of this stuff though, on my desk is a family picture of My wonderful wife and sons on some wonderful day, so that I can look at it everytime I want.

I can look out one of the two windows and see a filed of grass growing as it waits for my father to cut it and bale it into hay for his horse farm. Wow, I can almost hear the birds chirping.

Anyway, someday right??

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