Year almost gone

I’d like to begin writing on Book 4 of Marky, Slash & Levy but right now am exhausted. Even now talking to you I hardly can keep my eyes open. It is diffucult to write when I am tired, I can’t quite keep sequence and rythmn together at all. I have been thinking about getting into some regional fantasy book conventions in 2010? Maybe I can get the series some exposure in the right places.

I wish my conversations were more colorfull, just very tired right now.

Do you ever just feel it?

I spent most of the day in a bad mood. Actually worn out from the holidays. I spent most of the morning thinking about M,S&L. I can see the whole series in my mind, clear as day. I can picture the world of Mavenwood and all the characters in it. I am working towards a color brochure this spring to send off to selected people in the industry in hopes of finding an agent.

The drawings for this however are proving to be a undertaking themselves. I have a friend who is a wonderfull illustrator and has had several rough sketches for a month or so but has not started on anything yet. I have made a new friend who is a schooled illustrator and has offered to help, I am waiting on him to get in touch with me again though. I have a third, yes a third friend who is a successful artist, who I would be so honored for him to do some works for me but am hesitant to ask. It’s now New Years and spring will be her before I know it, I am worried that the time will come for things to be set into motion and I will not have enough to make anything worth an agents time. Am I being selfish??? I sure hope not!!

Little things

As I sit here and eat a powdered donut I am thinking of how the last few days have been great. Today was no exception. See, my father added on to his house, which made it twice as large, and I went up and helped him move lots of the stuff back into the house. It was pretty cold outside but I enjoyed the time spent helping out my dad. It was strange to see how much the house had changed in the 12 years since I moved out. I stood in my old bedroom which looked slightly different and thought about the day I first contemplated writing Marky, Slash & Levy. I had absolutly no idea what the story was going to be about or anything but I knew it had to include two of my very best friends. It is rather funny, I look back on that and having no idea at the time that 12 years from then (yes it took several years after that to begin on M,S&L) I would have three of the four book series written with a page count of 700 pages, and a slew of short stories (that I call prequels) for children.

It was a great day helping my father, all the while being taken to the past to think about what started it all!!!

something about christmas time

Well, with the Christmas day almost over I am happy to say that this was one of my best ever, the boys are so excited over their gifts, even though there was as much this year. Even as we speak the house is filled with the sounds of excitement as they are playing their games and having fun.

From last night on I can say that it was the time spent and not what anyone got that made me the happiest. Me??? Well, I got a few surprises that I really enjoy and some very good cookies!

It has been so much fun to watch the children’s faces as they tore into a gift. This Christmas has been very little, IF ANY, fits or disappointments about any gift given, and, isn’t that what it’s all about???

As I think about this Christmas and look towards X-mas 2010, I can only hope and work towards making Marky, Slash & Levy a success and make it so that I can give a gift to those who have done the same for me and mine!!!

I wish you a very Merry Christmas!


Even though we didn’t have much for the boys this year and little for ourselves thanks in part to Jennifer’s workplace laying off all of their christmas help nationwide two weeks before X-mas. I am reminded that some wake up to just another day and I am blessed to wake up and watch three wonderful little boys tear into their gifts.

We don’t have the prettiest tree, but hey when you have a 7 month and year and a half year old the tree doesnt stay together for very long. I very much look forward to tomorrow morning and watching my family enjoy another christmas.

I wish you a Very Merry Christmas! Well all have more than we think!!!!

my office

A writer always dreams about one day having what they call and office, well, I’m one of them. In our small little house, Jennifer and I must not only share the same space, but the same computer as well. She is going to school online and requires the computer alot through the day for her studies. Our computer has both her things and mine saved on them which loads the computer down. I am hoping that come this spring, we will be able to afford a laptop so Jennifer can study more comfortably than at the desk. She enjoys studying on the couch.

One day though I know we will have to move as our three boys grow and with a two bedroom house for five people gets too tight. I share a space with Jennifer in the dinning room, next to the table, along the wall, we have our desk, which is cover with everything thinkable. It is sort of a “catch all” for the day. Not much of the look of a writer, I am laughing as I say this.

I try to surround myself with images and material about my writing, but with a family to bombard the walls with inspiration is not an option. I dream about one day, in my new home I have built, walking upstairs and down the hallway to my ‘office’. A spacious but cozy room with my own computer, desk, chair, phone, etc. On my desk is pages of material I am working on, the shelf overhead has my books and my friends books on them. On the walls around my computer I hang pictures of my book covers, some of the wonderful people I have met, and a handfull of my commentary columns I have done for the local paper. I think I am most creative when I surround myself with the things I have worked hard to create.

The remainder of wall space holds memorabilia from the New England Patriots football team to which I am a huge fan and have been since 1988 when they were the WORST team in the NFL. I have so much right now that is boxed up and sitting in the top of the garage. Sharing space is Bill Elliot memorabilia, I used to be a race fan when he was in NASCAR, but not so much anymore. I also used to be a huge wrestling fan and have things about wrestle Bret ‘Hitman’ Hart that keeps the walls occupied.

Of all of this stuff though, on my desk is a family picture of My wonderful wife and sons on some wonderful day, so that I can look at it everytime I want.

I can look out one of the two windows and see a filed of grass growing as it waits for my father to cut it and bale it into hay for his horse farm. Wow, I can almost hear the birds chirping.

Anyway, someday right??

Marky, Slash & Levy and The Future.

Author Louise Jackson once told me “Levi you got to blog and do it everyday, even if you don’t have much to blog about.” Well it’s been what three four months since I wrote?? That’s not what you’d call everyday.

Now before I go any further, I gotta say that though this may sound, at times boo hooish, I am feeling really good and just sharing a writer’s thoughts, okay?

Actually, I’ve felt a bit like my world has had clear glass box placed around it for some time now. I’ve gained alot of weight I am sad to say, went on a diet and lost it, only to gain it back again. With the new year though My wife Jennifer and I are going to go on it together and I hope to keep off the weight and feel great when I look in the mirror.

Anyone who ever said raising children is easy surly never had children. With three wonderful boys clinging to me for my attention it is so easy to get overwhelmed and stressed out. See, When our youngest, Rylen was born, I had just finished Marky, Slash & Levy Vs. The Doomsday Device, (Book 3 in the Marky, Slash and Levy series). Since then I have only written enough for my schooling at the Children’s Institute of Literature and nothing more. With children coming first it often puts many things on the back burner and for me that has been writing.

To me, writing isn’t all about punctuation, proper grammar or editing, it’s about opening up your mind and letting creativity flow onto the page and creating what you are think of. When I sit down at my desk, I am open minded and running ideas like a projector in my head. Lately, when the boys are all asleep, I can hardly stay awake to make it to bed, let alone write a few pages before hand. I have tried to force things when I am tired and then the next day, I read what I had written just the night before and think “My God what was I thinking,LOL). So for the last four months I have just tried making it through the day.

I work at a Lumber Store, have I ever mentioned that? I spend my day getting up at six o’clock in the morning. I lay in my bed for 20 minutes just trying to wake up before I make my way to the closet for my clothes. I then stumble to the kitchen for a Pop Tart. Isn’t it funny how you never get tired of Pop Tarts?? I then sit down at my desk and check my usual things (Myspace, Facebook, E-mail) thinking maybe and agent or editor or publisist might have found one of my site through the night and was compelled to write me. Needless to say that routinely takes about five minutes to do before it is time to go to work. I often think then about how I would much rather be getting up and making a warm mug of hot tea with sugar and setting down to doodle a few things out while I am waking up. Reality check though, “Get in the car, Go to work”, I think and drive the five blocks up the street to my work.

As I pull up their is always a customer there who thinks OPEN @ 7a.m. really means OPEN @ 6:50a.m. Not being that much of a morning person, I have found myself, before I even get my coat off, helping someone completely redo the plumbing for some rental house or making keys which is always a hoot when you are not yet awake.

I spend my day thinking about two things, my family and my writing. Sometimes I walk around in the warehouse thinking about who can I write to or e-mail? You know that feeling?? Now don’t get me wrong, I enjoy my job, I work with very nice people and help out very nice people, it’s just, since I was a little boy, I have always felt like I was suppose to be my own person and not work to make someone else’s dream better.

I have never written anything looking to become THE NEXT BIG THING, simply to support my family doing something I love to do, not just because it pays the bills most the time. I often see myself taking my boys to school and returning home to write a chapter or tweek work from the day before and working to arrange signings here or there, or maybe spending some time with Jennifer, which is not what I do much lately.

My friend, J, who is a comic book illustrator, has a saying, that he often likes to say, “Anything you start you had better be ready for a sentence of 2 to 10.” He means years to reach your dreams. I believe him. I have been writing on MARKY, SLASH & LEVY for six years now and have yet to find that right Literary Agent who opens doors for my series to come alive. 2 to 10, yep it’s true. So to any good literary agent out there, my door is always open.

Ok, now I am trying to hold my head up so I will continued tomorrow, I wonder is anyone reading this? Sure you are, I hope.