Well, I got some prelimenary pics for Barney and Lexi and they are up on check them out. I had always hoped to to write on here every night, right now though after the family is taken care of its late and I most times can’t stay awake long enough to write. Things are going good though, lots on the way, hang in there!

Until Then,

Marky, Slash & Levy and Barney & Lexi

I’m not officially releasing the news yet, but Marky, Slash & Levy will soon be released from their contracts with their current publisher at my request. Though the series has done extremely well, it is time to look towards future and what is best the series. The books are already going through a re write phase with edits. Also there are going to be tons of illustrations done. Thanks to my friend Nicole, many are already done! Next year will begin the search for a lit agent to work the series around. I am developing a portforlio for my artwork so their are visuals to go with the books.

My short story, Barney & Lexi: Lost in Lawrenceville is complete. at 30 pages I write about to pets of my grandparents who get lost in my hometown of Lawrenceville, Illinois. I have read through it twice and added and edited it. I will soon submit it for magazine publication!

I have also begun on picture book of season of Lawrence County Illinois. It will be a four seasons compilation. I also will be taking photos for a future ‘Life in a Small Town’ picture book.

In 2010 I will begin Bk4 (and the final book) of the M,s&L series!

Well, until then,