Nothing in particular

Well, with Book 3 ready to be edited. I have started again on my short story about Barney & Lexi. However, I am trying not to write every night and enjoy a break. I hope to finish Barney & Lexi: Lost in Lawrenceville by fall.

School is going good, my first assignment came back and my instructor gave me alot of praise for my ability to detail and my ability to create and keep susspense.

Well, Rylen is crying got to go!!

Until then,


Barney & Lexi

With the completion of Book3, I have gone back to a short story I started over two years ago entitled, Barney & Lexi : Lost in Lawrenceville. It follow Barney, a dull witted Beagle and Lexi, an over pampered house cat as they get lost in the small town and work to find their way back home. It is a relief to write about those two and to finish it at a slower pace (unlike M,S&L) will be nice also.

Marky, Slash and Levy Vs. The Doomsday Device

After two years of many late nights Bk3 is complete. I am proud as heck to announce the completion of Marky, Slash & Levy Vs. The Doomsday Device! Now it is time for editing. It is hard to believe that it is done! The 200+ page novel takes the M,S&L series to 600+ pages!!! 600 pages in five years. Now it is time for bed and reflection on lots of things. Hopfully it will be out before Christmas!!!!

Until then!!!!!!!