Marky, Slash & Levy 3

Well, after four nights of being worn out and falling asleep on the couch, (which by the way is not that great to sleep on), I was awake tonight and sat down and wrote for a few hours. I am now through with page 180 and will be done with Bk3 in a couple weeks. Then it is hit the books time for my Children’s Institute of Literature courses.


Marky, Slash & Levy 3

Now there is only about 20 pages left and Book 3 will be completed. it has been over a year and a half but the end is now in site and the Marky, Slash & Levy saga will be 75% complete. It could not have been done without the support of many different folks. But 20 pages mean not complete yet so its back to work.

Until then,


Marky, Slash and Levy

Well, tonight I stopped on page 170 of Bk3 and I can hardly keep my eyes open. One good thing is the ideas came right too me and it made for a smoother writing. It is always smother when I do not have to sit and contemplate every statement or description. LOL, though I do enjoy it, hey that is just part of it! I am working on a signing for the Vincennes Indiana library which should be a cool afternoon. My little boy Rylen will be here in three weeks so the signing on the 25th at the Lawrence Public Library in Lawrenceville Illinois will the last signing until after his birthday. In case you are just reading this, I recommend you read the Catniptopia Chronicles by Taylor Sly. I know you will love it! Ok, I have got to go to sleep.

Until Then,

A beginning and a (near) end

Last night I recieved a call from The Children’s Institute of Literature, welcoming me to the school and explaining my course a bit. As I begin the 18 month course, I am ready for the task of understanding marketablility and writing to help publish more of my work.

As I near the end, (and I say near) of Book 3, I think about all of the obstacles that have come and gone. Though I am still 20 or so pages from the end, I think about the near 200 I came from.

Back to School, kind of…

Well, the other day I enrolled into the Children’s Institute of Litature and will soon get my materials in the mail. I will get one on one focus and will learn to market myself better. I will be done in 18 months on this and it will be worth it. 160 pages on Bk3, taking tonight off from it. Back at it tomorrow.

As Always, Until Then,

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