Course Studies

In just a few weeks, I will begin studying for a degree from the Children’s Institute of Literature. I am looking forward to the 18 month course. I should wrap Book 3 shortly after beginning. For these courses I have to write other stories and short works so I will be happy to have the time to do so.

It is almost midnight, I am darn tired but feel the nightly drive to write and work on blogs and myspace and facebook and emails to contact for signings. As I go farther into my blogs I will tell everyone about my writing, some cool authors and illustrators I have come to know.

Alright I just dozed off, Until next time…


Midnight and writing go hand and hand

Well first of all I began writing M,S&L in the fall of 2003 when Lynden was born. Jennifer had a C-Section and that ment I spent many night up with my buddy. I then learned when he would wake up and fall asleep and used the time in between to pen my idea from high school, which would turn into my first children’s novel: THE ADVENTURES OF MARKY, SLASH & LEVY.

Even when Lynden got old enough and slept through the night, I found myself in a rythmn that I simply could not change. I found myself up until one or two in the morning writing about M,S&L. I completed Book 2 in the winter of 2007. I had originally wanted to title the sequel The Return of Marky, Slash & Levy but the publisher felt it was too common so I retitled it and it has come to be known as MARKY, SLASH & LEVY: RETURN TO MAVENWOOD.

LOL, now with our third (and final) son, Rylen, due in May, I am pounding the pad so to speak with a goal of Book 3’s completion by May. Again, I find Midnight/ 1 o’clock teling me to finish up and hit the sack.

After Bk3, I plan on finishing a short story I have been tinkering with for three years and then it will be on to Book 4, the final in the M,S&L series.

Check out my labor of love by looking on the web, it is everywhere.

Until next time,